Benefits Of Our Idaho Falls Blinds

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blinds idaho fallsAdvanced Blinds And Shutters is all about providing you the Idaho Falls Blinds you need for:

  • Lighting Control
  • Privacy
  • Style

When you choose our window coverings, you can rest assured that you are getting high quality products at great prices. We are a full service window treatment company offering a free in-home consultation as well as bringing plenty of samples for you to see, feel, and try out for yourself. We also provide:

  • Professional Measuring – With so much experience in the industry, you can rely on us to take all of the right measurements, ensuring that your particular product is able to be installed correctly the first time.
  • Confident Ordering – With us, there won’t be any stress or unnecessary headaches during the ordering process. We will make sure that your Idaho Falls blinds are ordered and manufactured to match your exact requirements.
  • Installation – With Advanced Blinds And Shutters, this is not a chore you are going to have to worry about. We will make sure your window coverings are installed correctly the first time.

We have a wide variety of Idaho Falls blinds to perfectly compliment your home or business’s unique design and layout. We offer products manufactured by:

  • Lafayette
  • Norman
  • Hunter Douglas
  • Alta
  • Sofy
  • Graber

blinds idaho fallsHow To Save Energy With Our Idaho Falls Blinds

With the right kinds of blinds, you can enhance your home’s energy saving potential year round. Many people end up spending far more in energy costs than they need to, and with the long, harsh winters we tend to have in Idaho Falls, blinds can be a great way of bringing these costs down.


  • Dark colors absorb heat
  • Light colors reflect heat

With that in mind, it should make sense that installing dark colored blinds as snugly as possible against your windows will help draw more heat into your home during the winter. During the summer, you can install brightly colored blinds to help reflect light and heat away from your windows.

  • During the summer, your brightly colored blinds should be closed throughout the entire day, but especially in those areas where sun is directly shining. During the night, leave your blinds open so that heat can escape through the windows.
  • During the winter, your darkly colored blinds should be closed only in areas where sun is not directly shining, as allowing direct sunlight into your home will help keep it warm. All of your blinds should be closed throughout the entire night, as open blinds are a place where heat tends to escape during the winter.

blinds idaho fallsDuring the long, harsh winter months that we typically get in Idaho Falls and surrounding areas, about 76% of the sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters to become heat. Making sure that your window coverings are dark in color and closed in the appropriate places will greatly enhance your home’s energy saving potential, as you won’t be having to crank the heat up as much as you used to.

About 30% of the heating energy in a house ends up getting lost through the windows, but with our Idaho Falls blinds, you can greatly reduce that number.