The Best Window Treatments For Saving On Heating Costs This Winter

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Did you know you can save on heating costs this winter simply by purchasing the right window treatments? It’s true. We offer products from Alta, HunterDouglas, Somfy, Norman, Lafayette, and Graber. Take a look. How Insulated Cellular Shades Can Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter Made from pleated materials designed to fold up like an accordion, these window treatments contain … Read More

Saving Energy With Window Treatments In Rexburg

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Finding that perfect new home in Rexburg is a blast! And it sure looked beautiful with those great big windows that just let the sunlight come pouring in. But after getting the first energy bill in the dead of winter, or smack dab in the middle of summer, you just might be in the market for Rexburg window coverings. But … Read More

Pet Proofing Your Jackson Window Treatments

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As all pet owners know, owning a pet can be both a blessing and a curse. We love our furry critters like they are members of our family. However, they often end up destroying many of our possessions, and blinds, shades, and shutters are some of the most commonly targeted objects in this regard. Here are some useful tips on … Read More

All About Our Shades in Victor, Idaho

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The History of Window Shades Used Today The everyday common use of window shades can be dated back to the 1700’s, but can further be traced as far back as being used by the early Egyptians. Since the first types of window shades have been made, they have been an advancing technology used by people all over the world for … Read More

How Our Jackson Window Treatments Will Improve Your Home

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One of the most noticeable parts of the home are the windows. You’d be surprised just how much the right window coverings can improve the comfort level and appearance of any given room. Without window coverings, windows are just spaces in the wall that are open to light (and the gaze any given passerby). Our Jackson window treatments will allow … Read More

Benefits Of Our Idaho Falls Blinds

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Advanced Blinds And Shutters is all about providing you the Idaho Falls Blinds you need for: Lighting Control Privacy Style When you choose our window coverings, you can rest assured that you are getting high quality products at great prices. We are a full service window treatment company offering a free in-home consultation as well as bringing plenty of samples … Read More