Pet Proofing Your Jackson Window Treatments

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Jackson Window Treatments

As all pet owners know, owning a pet can be both a blessing and a curse. We love our furry critters like they are members of our family. However, they often end up destroying many of our possessions, and blinds, shades, and shutters are some of the most commonly targeted objects in this regard.

Here are some useful tips on pet-proofing your window coverings.

Avoid Low-Hanging Fabrics

If you own cats, low-hanging fabrics are basically going to be impossible. There’s simply no way of keeping your cats from seeing them as playthings. They’ll climb them, chew on them, claw them, and generally wreak havoc on them. Draperies and low hanging shades are simply a no-go.

Purchase Durable Jackson Window Treatments

Jackson Window Treatments

Cats and dogs alike love to look outside. Cats will jump up on the windowsills to get a glimpse of what’s going on, and while they’re up there, they’ll usually take their boredom or pent-up energy out on the nearby blinds. Cheap plastic blinds are easily destroyed by cats. Most of us have had this happen to us, or been to someone’s house and seen the tell-tale signs of a cat when you see missing plastic blinds.

When it comes to cats, the most obvious solution is to purchase more durable window coverings like woods and even faux woods. These can usually withstand the attention of cats, and even maintain their full weight, without breaking or snapping. Also, if your cat does manage to damage them, new slats can be ordered quite easily.

Dogs also tend to damage window coverings, although this is usually in the form of bending as they try to see through them or move them out of the way. Some more hyperactive dogs may view them as playthings. The best Jackson window coverings for dogs of this nature are vertical blinds. Dogs can move these out of the way quite easily to take a look at what’s going on outside.

Cat-Proof Your Jackson Window Treatments

  • Simply purchase shades – Roller shades are one of the best options for people with cats, as they usually don’t see them as playthings. They also don’t collect cat hair.
  • Purchase cordless Jackson window treatments – Cats are less tempted by window treatments that lack cords, as the cords are one of the main things that draw cats to them.
  • Apply citrus spray to your window coverings – Cats tend to dislike the smell of citrus.
  • Give a specific window to your cat – This means setting aside a window, maybe one in the backroom or upstairs, that lacks window coverings and gives him or her a great view of the outdoors. By keeping other window coverings closed, your cat will be naturally more drawn to this one. You can also set up playthings for your cat on this window.
  • Apply tinfoil, carpet strips, or double-sided tape to your windowsills – Cats generally dislike the feeling of these materials and will likely stay off of them.