Saving Energy With Window Treatments In Rexburg

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Finding that perfect new home in Rexburg is a blast! And it sure looked beautiful with those great big windows that just let the sunlight come pouring in. But after getting the first energy bill in the dead of winter, or smack dab in the middle of summer, you just might be in the market for Rexburg window coverings. But that’s exactly what blinds, shutters, and shades were made for!


Window Treatments In Rexburg

Blinds have been around for a lot longer than you’d think! Researchers have found evidence of many different forms of blinds being used in ancient Egypt, Persia, and China! They’ve been used for millennia because they really work. Their simple design of slats of wood, plastic, or metal hung in a cradle of string is easily adjusted to meet the needs of any situation.

The material the blinds are made up of actually plays a big role in the effect they have in your home. Blinds are an optimal solution for Rexburg window coverings because of their versatility. Light colored and reflective blinds are ideal for the summer months because they reflect the energy and heat from the harsh sunlight right back out of your home. Keeping the interior cool and comfortable. But in the winter months having darker blinds is optimal! The darker colored blinds absorb the heat and energy from the sunlight, radiating it inside the home as opposed to reflecting it back out. Whatever the temperature out there, keeping your blinds in season will really help protect you from the temperature swings outside.


Window Treatments In Rexburg

Shutters are believed to have first been used by the ancient Greek to keep out the warm tropical air. Though traditionally used on the outside of the home, Shutters are most effective when used on the inside of the home. In Rexburg windows with insulated, tight fitting shutters on the inside achieve maximum insulating potential. Shutters are a wonderful option fully or partially blocking out light when desired, but also leaving the ability to keep your windows completely unobstructed. For maximum cooling effect keep the shutters on the east closed in the morning, and the shutters on the west closed during the evening. 


Window Treatments In Rexburg

Shades are optimal for lighter weight protection from the heat and light of the sun. They don’t completely block out the light and heat from the sun, but do an effective job of filtering and dispersing it in a visually pleasing manner. For the best energy savings while using shades, pick shades that are honeycomb shaped in structure, have one lighter reflective side, and one darker more absorbent. Shades built in this manner have the highest thermal insulative ability, keeping you cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer.


Whatever Rexburg window covering style you find fits best in your home, the installation of shutters, shades, or blinds will help save you money on your energy bill and keep you more comfortable in your home. For all your window covering needs in eastern Idaho, be sure to stop by Advanced Blinds and Shutters, your Rexburg window covering experts! They handle everything, from the measuring, to the ordering, and installation. Making your addition of window coverings as seamless, and stress free as possible.