The Best Window Treatments For Saving On Heating Costs This Winter

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Did you know you can save on heating costs this winter simply by purchasing the right window treatments? It’s true. We offer products from Alta, HunterDouglas, Somfy, Norman, Lafayette, and Graber. Take a look.

How Insulated Cellular Shades Can Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter

Made from pleated materials designed to fold up like an accordion, these window treatments contain one or more layers of air in cross-sections that look like honeycomb – hence the name. These layers of insulation can reduce the amount of heat that leaves your home through the windows.

If tightly installed, honeycomb shades can reduce heat loss by over 40%. (For best results, choose honeycomb shades with two cells.)

If you want maximum light control and thermal performance, choose a top-down bottom-up design, allowing you to control the amount of sunlight entering your home during the day.

Our honeycomb shades combine aesthetics and energy saving efficiency all in one product. In fact, honeycomb shades are some of the highest-valued window treatments on the market for just this reason – they provide energy-saving potential while also giving your home a “sleek and chic” appeal. They also look great when paired with draperies.

If you want minimal effort with maximum energy saving potential, choose honeycomb shades this winter.

Wood & Faux Wood Shutters

Shutters were initially designed to protect against both the hot glare of the sun and the freezing winter winds and to keep warm air inside the home; it’s no wonder so many people use them for just this reason today. 

As you’re no doubt aware at this point, a lot of your home’s heat is lost through poorly insulated windows – it’s basically just throwing money out the window, when you think about it.

Shutters close more tightly than other window treatments, leaving fewer gaps for this heat to travel through. Shutters with custom fitted panels installed securely to your windows can trap in more warm air during the winter, saving you on energy costs.

Whether it’s wood or faux wood, the same principle applies – faux wood is just as strong and durable as natural wood, but it’s a great choice for the bathroom or sauna as they don’t expand and contract due to temperature changes (this often causes damage to natural wood shutters).

As with honeycomb shades, you can combine your shutters with draperies for maximum insulation and energy-savings.

We’ll make sure you get window treatments you want and ensure they’re installed correctly. With Advanced Blinds & Shutters, you get:

  • Professional Measuring – We’ve been around long enough to make sure your window treatments are measured exactly to the dimensions of your window. We’ll make sure that everything is measured correctly from the very beginning so there are no setbacks in the future.
  • Confident Ordering – Buying window treatments can be stressful – What if they don’t fit right? What if they don’t match my expectations? What if I have to send them back for replacements? – We make sure your order is manufactured as you envisioned it.
  • Installation – That’s right, we’ll install your window treatments for you. With years of combined experience, our technicians will give you a professional and clean install, taking all of the hard work off your shoulders. We’ll make sure your window treatments are installed correctly, the first time.

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