Window Coverings Idaho 101: Benefits of Shutters and Blinds

Seasonal changes do not need to be a challenge. You can still be comfortable at home whether it is summer or winter as long as you have the right window coverings installed. 

When buying window coverings such as shutters and blinds, you do not just get the comfort you need. You also save energy and reap more benefits. 

Saving energy is the ultimate benefit of using blinds as a window treatment. See how you can save more energy with blinds. 

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  • During Summer, blinds help eliminate the heat. Summer in Idaho lasts for three and a half months with an average daily heat of more than 75 deg F. During this time, the sun can release extreme heat with temperature going up to 86 deg F. By using blinds, you can actually block the heat from entering your house. 
  • Summer means you can enjoy the abundant natural light coming from the sun. Open your blinds and let the sunshine in. Save energy by turning off the light during daytime. 
  • When it gets too hot, you can just use your blinds to block off the heat from coming into your windows. 
  • In Summer time, it is important to cool your home to stay comfortable. Using tools and appliances can be very expensive. Use your blinds to block off the heat and cool your home naturally. You can save more energy by using blinds to cool your home without using air conditioning units and other appliances.
  • Blinds can also help you protect your furniture from the extreme heat of the sun. Direct sunlight can deplete the condition of your furniture, especially those that are made of wood. Protect them by using your blinds to block the heat.
  • In Summer, it is best to use bright-colored window treatments and blinds so you can keep them closed all day without giving a gloomy vibe. Bright-colored blinds can capture the natural light from the outside and spread them inside your home without opening your windows. 


  • Winter in Idaho usually lasts for 3 months with an average daily temperature of 39 deg F. The coldest month can go below zero with an average of -20 deg F. By using blinds, you can trap the heat inside and avoid extreme cold during this time. 
  • Winter season can affect your mood. Your white surroundings during winter plus extreme cold can give you a dull vibe. Window blinds slats can let a little sun in without letting the cold get through. 
  • It can be expensive to maintain a hot furnace just to heat up your place during winter. Blinds can help you trap the heat inside your home naturally. This is a more efficient and energy-saving way of warming your home. 
  • In Winter, it is nice to use dark-colored blinds and place them in areas where there are too much sunlight.
  • At night, keep your blinds closed to trap the heat that has accumulated into your home.

These are just a few of the many benefits of blinds. For quality window treatments such as blinds, trust Advanced Blinds and Shutters to give you these benefits and more.

benefits of blinds in summer and winter