Window Coverings in Idaho Falls

We provide a wide variety of window coverings in Idaho Falls, including:

If you are looking for window coverings that are both high in quality and affordable, you will get them from Advanced Blinds and Shutters.

High Quality & Beautiful Idaho Falls Blinds

Advanced Blinds and Shutters provides the blinds you need for the ideal level of lighting control and privacy. Not only that, but our blinds are also stylish and high in quality. We provide a wide range of Idaho Falls blinds that will match your home’s unique design and layout.

We provide blinds from various trusted suppliers, including:

  • Alta
  • Norman
  • Hunter Douglas
  • Lafayette
  • Graber
  • Somfy

We also offer FREE In-Home Consultation. When you choose Advanced Blinds and Shutters, you can rest assured that you’re getting the professional consultation you can rely on from a knowledgeable and experienced representative, who will bring plenty of product samples that you can see and touch for yourself. After all, what better way to see your future blinds than the very place you plan to have them installed? You’ll be able to see our Idaho Falls blinds right in the natural lighting of your own home.

We will also measure your windows, so that the perfect fit is guaranteed.

How Blinds Can Save You Energy

The right kinds of blinds can help save you energy, depending on what kind you use and the time of year. For example, installing Idaho Falls blinds comprised of bright colored materials and paint will reflect light, which will keep your home cooler during the summer, thus lowering your air conditioning use.

Conversely, dark blinds will absorb heat into your home during those long, cold winter months. This is a wise investment when it comes to living in Idaho Falls, given the long periods of cold our residents are all too used to seeing.

You can also take a dynamic approach with your blinds, installing bright colors during the spring and summer, and dark colors during the fall and winter. This will help you maximize your home’s energy saving potential year round.

Why Choose Advanced Blinds & Shutters?

Our Idaho Falls blinds will provide you with the lighting control, privacy, and style you need to complete any room in your home. Without the proper window coverings, windows are just holes in the wall. However, the right blinds can complete not only your window but your entire room as well.

Beyond their mere aesthetic appeal and privacy control, the right blinds will also protect your carpet, furniture, paintings, and other belongings from harmful ultraviolet light, which can wear down fabric and paint over time, making it dull and muddy.

We offer:

  • Professional Measuring: Having been in the industry for so long, we know exactly how to measure your windows for the ideal fit. We understand that every installation process comes with its own challenges, and by setting a groundwork of the perfect measurements, we will adequately prepare for these challenges from the very beginning.
  • Confident Ordering: With Advanced Blinds and Shutters, ordering your window coverings will be stress free. Once your product is selected, we’ll make sure its ordered and manufactured just as you imagined it.
  • Installation: We will make sure your blinds are installed correctly, without any unnecessary headaches or hassle.

If you require stylish and high quality blinds in Idaho Falls, contact Advanced Blinds and Shutters today!