Window Coverings In Island Park

We provide a wide variety of window coverings in Island Park, including:

We are proud to offer beautiful window coverings made from high quality materials. 

Benefits of Our Island Park Window Coverings

You might be surprised just how much the placement of our windows affects how we arrange and organize our furniture. Usually people only understand this subconsciously, but almost everything in our homes is organized directly or indirectly on where our windows are located.

In light of this fact, it should make sense why window coverings have such a dramatic influence on the mood and atmosphere of any given room. Advanced Blinds and Shutters offers a wide variety of Island Park window coverings to accommodate any given room in your home. No matter what your specific design, style, and layout, we have what you need.

Not only that, but our window coverings, if chosen and installed at the right time of year, can actually save you money! The reason being that you can install dark window coverings in the winter (to absorb light and heat) and bright colored window coverings in the summer (to reflect light and heat), dramatically reducing your use of heating and cooling systems.

How To Save Energy With Our Island Park Window Treatments

Here’s something you’ve probably never thought about – how to save energy with window treatments. Yes, it’s possible. We offer a variety of Island Park window treatments that can help save you money year-round. You just have to keep one basic principle in mind: Dark colors absorb light and heat, bright colors reflect light and heat.

With that in mind, consider doing the following:

  • In the summer – Install bright window treatments and keep them closed all throughout the day, especially in rooms where the sun is shining directly. This will help keep the sun and heat out of your home. At night, open your window coverings and (perhaps even your windows) open to allow heat to dissipate from your home.
  • In the winter – Install dark window coverings and keep them open in rooms where the sun is shining, and closed in rooms where it isn’t. At night, keep them shut tight to trap warm air in your home.

When attempting this, it’s important to have your window coverings installed as tightly and securely against your windows as possible.

Why Choose Us For Your Island Park Window Treatments?

Our Island Park window treatments will give you the privacy, lighting control, and style that you need to make your house feel like a home. We’re proud to offer products that can make your home feel more like a sanctuary from the world with added aesthetic appeal and functionality. Not only that, but our window treatments can also help protect your furniture, carpet, and paintings from harmful UV rays from the sun. Over time, these UV rays can cause damage to these objects, making them look dull, muddled, and aged. 

Advanced Blinds and Shutter offers:

  • Professional Measuring – One of the most frustrating things about purchasing Island Park window treatments is getting them to your home only to find they don’t fit. With us, you won’t have to go through that headache. We will make sure your chosen window treatments fit right.
  • Confident Ordering – We allow you to see and operate our products in the very place you plan to install them – your own home. This way you’ll know you’re getting the right product.
  • Installation – Your window treatments will be installed correctly exactly as you want them to be.