How Our Jackson Window Treatments Will Improve Your Home

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window treatments jacksonOne of the most noticeable parts of the home are the windows. You’d be surprised just how much the right window coverings can improve the comfort level and appearance of any given room. Without window coverings, windows are just spaces in the wall that are open to light (and the gaze any given passerby).

Our Jackson window treatments will allow you to:

  • Control the amount of light that enters your home
  • Secure the privacy of your home
  • Complete the design of any room in your home

That last one is more of an important factor than you might think. Windows tend to form the focal point of a room, determining how the rest of your furniture will be laid out. Couches and tables are set up according to the placement of windows in any given room, and televisions and computers are also placed depending on how much light will be shining into a room, and from where.

These window focal points create impressions in the minds of people who enter the home, whether consciously or unconsciously, and our Jackson window treatments will provide the perfect aesthetic touch to these areas.

Our Jackson Window Treatments Can Also Save You Energy Year Round!

People can end up losing as much as 30% of energy from their homes through their windows alone! With the right window coverings, installed correctly, and opened and closed at the right times, you will maximize your home’s overall energy saving potential.

Always remember:

  • Dark colors absorb light (and therefore heat)
  • Bright colors reflect it

With that in mind, let’s look at how certain window coverings can save you energy.

window treatments jacksonBlinds

Blinds are great for reducing summer heat gain. By having brightly colored blinds fitted and installed throughout the spring and summer, you can reflect light and heat away from your home during the day. Reducing the amount of solar heat gain in your home will make it so you don’t have to crank the AC as much. Keep your blinds closed during the day, and leave them open at night so any heat that has accumulated in your home can dissipate through your windows.


As it turns out, shutters were originally created in order to simultaneously protect against harsh cold winds and strong sunlight exposure all at once. In Jackson, shutters are the ideal products for saving energy throughout the long, harsh winter months.

Make sure you purchase dark colored shutters, and to have them secured tightly against your windows. Throughout the day, keep them open in areas where direct sunlight is entering the home, and closed in areas where it’s not. At night, keep them all closed so that you don’t lose too much heat through the windows.

window treatments jacksonShades

With these kinds of Jackson window treatments, you can take a dynamic approach by installing bright colored shades during the summer to reflect heat and light, and then switching over to dark colored shades during the winter to help absorb it.